Who are we?

Carboliva is a company based in Osuna (Sevilla), operated by Álvaro Espuny, Andalusian businessman in the oil sector and with generations of experience in the biomass of olive groves.

Our work is focused on the evaluation of olive grove biomasses, from which we create high quality charcoal and produce clean and sustainable thermal energy.

We seek sustainability in everything we do, and for that we apply the latest innovations and the most advanced quality control systems. By doing so, we also make Carboliva a profitable business, capable of distributing our product all around the globe.


Management: Álvaro Espuny Rodríguez

Finance Department: Miguel Soto

Technical Department:
Borja Espuny
Rafael Baquerizo

Sales Department: Beatriz Espuny


We base our work on three essential pillars. These pillars support our constant growth and evolution as a company so that we can satisfy our clients in harmony with the environment:



It forms the basis of all we do. We have a modern system for producing charcoal and the subsequent and continual reuse of the residual heat. This way, we avoid emissions into the atmosphere and generate clean energy.



Among our equipment we have integrated control systems that allow us to achieve a homogeneous product that exceeds the European Union’s strictest quality standards.


Circular economy and sustainability

It’s the reason for our existence. We offer sustainable solutions for both the production of oil and the production of charcoal. The perfect example of the circular economy: 0 waste, 0 emissions and 0 deforestation.


Our business activity can be divided into two lines:

Charcoal production

From the olive grove biomass we produce high quality charcoal. This type of carbon provides big advantages both to the industry and to individuals:

Our charcoal has a high calorific value and respects the environment, since it is comprised from biomass, which doesn’t emit greenhouse gases. This makes it the perfect alternative to mineral derived coal.

Charcoal briquettes are perfect for barbecues, since they last longer and allow the embers to spread more evenly. Moreover, the charcoal we produce meets the German standard, EN 1860-2, a European benchmark.

On-site thermal energy production

We produce thermal energy from the olive pit and pulp: clean energy that contributes to the reduction of emissions. Use of this type of energy is a sustainable solution according to the Air Quality Directive since it remains well below the current emission limits and even the forecasted limits in the future.


If you’d like to contact us to ask any questions or make suggestions get in touch:

Beatriz Espuny Contreras

  • +34 639 116 293
  • beatrizespuny@carboliva.es

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